About Us

Established in 2011, Zhongshan Gastek Home Appliance Company Limited is a professional OEM manufacturer for gas water heaters and common gas boiler.

Our company has won ISO9001 certificate and most of our products have gotten international certificates like CE , ROHS,CSA, AGA,NORM,etc.

With the innovative and hard work of our technical team, we are launching novel technology products into markets every year:

We are one of the 1st companies to offer the new technology  “Constant temperature with duct natural draft” models to markets;

We are one of the 1st companies to pass the AGA tests for Australian market for camping heaters

We are quite experienced for low water pressure solutions, we are the 1st  company to promote water flow sensing system in Latin American markets;

We designed gas water heaters specially to meet the requirements for commercial purpose for our clients from India